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After discussing the installation of S/PHI/nX and SxAccelerate on Debian in the previous post this time I focus on Fedora 15. Fedora is a community driven Linux distribution and strongly supported from Redhat. Fedora is known to embrace latest developments such as new kernel releases, compilers, libraries, and protocols very early compared to many other distributions.

After briefly sketching the installation of a minimal Fedora 15 setup I will demonstrate the compilation of S/PHI/nX and SxAccelerate on that system.

Install minimal Fedora 15

In order to install a minimal Fedora 15, a system equipped with at least 1.8 GB HDD and 256 MB RAM is required. The S/PHI/nX distribution itself requires about 350 MB HDD.

In the following a 64bit Fedora 15 for x86_64 processors will be installed (install media: x86_64). Installing Fedora is pretty straightforward and rather self-explanatory. The required steps to build a minimal system are as follows:

Install S/PHI/nX prerequisits

In order to compile SxAccelerate and S/PHI/nX some external libraries and programs have to be installed on the build system first. Please execute the following commands under root privileges:

# install compiler environment
yum install gcc-c++ make automake libtool flex bison netcdf-devel bzip2

# OPTIONAL: add some useful packages
yum install vim-enhanced openssh-clients

Building S/PHI/nX

# download and extract the SxAccelerate source tree
tar xvfj sphinx-2.0.2.tar.bz2

# prepare SxAccelerate
cd sphinx/sxaccelerate/src

# build SxAccelerate: Debug mode (OPTIONAL)
./configure --prefix=/opt/sxaccelerate/1.0.1/debug --enable-debug\
--disable-static --enable-shared --disable-atlas --disable-fftw\
--enable-mkl --enable-mklfft --with-mklpath=/opt/intel/mkl
make all install

# build SxAccelerate: Release mode
make clean
./configure --prefix=/opt/sxaccelerate/1.0.1/release --disable-debug\
--disable-static --enable-shared --disable-atlas --disable-fftw\
--enable-mkl --enable-mklfft --with-mklpath=/opt/intel/mkl
make all install

# build S/PHI/nX: Release mode
cd ../../src   # we are now in "sphinx/src"
./configure --prefix=/opt/sphinx/2.0.2 \

After performing the above instructions S/PHI/nX and SxAccelerate can be found in /opt/sphinx and /opt/sxaccelerate, respectively.

The compiled package can be downloaded from here.

The installation of the binary packages is discussed in the next blog.

In the next episode we will have a look into Ubuntu.

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