Build Notes: S/PHI/nX on Debian

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In this and the upcoming articles on S/PHI/nX and SxAccelerate I will briefly discuss the installation of the packages on various operating systems. The generated S/PHI/nX libraries and executables will be bundled and added to the binary distributions of S/PHI/nX.

I will begin this series with Debian. Debian is a widely spread Linux distribution, quite stable, and easy to install and work with.

Install minimal Debian

In order to create a minimal Debian installation, a system equipped with at least 1.5 GB HDD and 128 MB RAM is required. The S/PHI/nX distribution itself requires about 350 MB HDD.

In the following a 64bit Debian for x86_64 processors will be installed (Debian install media: amd64). Installing Debian is pretty straightforward and rather self-explanatory. The required steps to build a minimal system are as follows:

Install S/PHI/nX prerequisits

In order to compile SxAccelerate and S/PHI/nX some external libraries and programs have to be installed on the build system first. Please execute the following commands under root privileges:

# install compiler environment
aptitude install g++ make automake libtool flex bison libnetcdf-dev bzip2

# OPTIONAL: add some useful packages
aptitude install vim openssh-client

Building S/PHI/nX

# download and extract the SxAccelerate source tree
tar xvfj sphinax-2.0.1.tar.bz2

# prepare SxAccelerate
cd sphinx/sxaccelerate/src

# build SxAccelerate: Debug mode (OPTIONAL)
./configure --prefix=/opt/sxaccelerate/1.0.1/debug --enable-debug\
--disable-static --enable-shared --disable-atlas --disable-fftw\
--enable-mkl --enable-mklfft --with-mklpath=/opt/intel/mkl
make all install

# build SxAccelerate: Release mode
make clean
./configure --prefix=/opt/sxaccelerate/1.0.1/release --disable-debug\
--disable-static --enable-shared --disable-atlas --disable-fftw\
--enable-mkl --enable-mklfft --with-mklpath=/opt/intel/mkl
make all install

# build S/PHI/nX: Release mode
cd ../../src   # we are now in "sphinx/src"
./configure --prefix=/opt/sphinx/2.0.1 \

After performing the above instructions S/PHI/nX and SxAccelerate can be found in /opt/sphinx and /opt/sxaccelerate, respectively.

The compiled package can be downloaded from here.

The installation of the binary packages is discussed in the next Blog.

In the next episode we will have a look into Fedora.

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