Cluster Management

In contrast to PC management where hard- and software is typically very heterogenous, cluster environments consist of many identical machines. While clusters can differ strongly depending on their purposes (HPC clusters, data centers) they still face the same challenges:

With an increasing number of servers problems with respect to various scaling behaviors as well as questions concerning reliability of the entire system will arise. How can bottlenecks be avoided?
The Gemmantics Cluster Management solution has been designed to address these issues.

Automatic Installation

The Gemmantics Cluster Management solution can install cluster nodes using sophisticated network protocols. Our new transport system avoids network traffic bottlenecks which will occur with an increasing number of clients. The installation is 

  • fully automatic,
  • scaling and works for large clusters,
  • fully integrated into the Hive management suite, and thus, easy to maintain, and
  • always up-to-date.

Keep the system up-to-date

Keeping a cluster system up-to-date is often not trivial as the cluster is typically operating 24×7. Maintenance cycles are, therefore, short and rare. With the Gemmantics Cluster Management solution maintenance  can be easily accomplished during operation. This minimizes the number of cluster downtimes significantly.

  • Update, install, or remove software on the entire cluster
    • without interrupting the cluster’s operation
    • using sophisticated network protocols to avoid traffic bottlenecks.
  • Integrate secure and scaling user and group management.
  • Monitor the cluster without interfering with its operations using sophisticated network protocols to minimize network load.

Network and Storage Management

A pivot element of every cluster is its network(s). Every cluster node is often connected to more than one network. Typical examples are Ethernet, Infiniband, or Myrinet.  Modern clusters have also demands with respect to the storage connection such as data throughput, reliability, and scalability. The Gemmantics Cluster Management solution provides all necessary features.

  • Flexible management of power, network, and storage topologies,
  • Manual or automatic setup due to support of standard protocols,
  • Cross-platform storage connection due to abstract storage layer,
  • Integrated monitoring.

User and Group management

In order to allow users to benefit from a cluster environment a centralized, scalable, and secure user and group management has to be provided. However, a proper setup is not trivial. Hence,

  • a centralized user management framework and a
  • secure UNIX authentication based on Kerberos and secure directory service (LDAPS)

are the basis of the Gemmantics Cluster Management solution.

Benefit from the framework

While the above mentioned operations in IT client management are often considered as separate processes all Gemmantics solutions are part of a complete framework. This allows for a combining data from different processes

  • Use network topology information to reduce network traffic during rollout and software deployment.
  • Connect monitoring events with inventory information to decrease down times.
  • Use inventory data to add license monitoring during software deployment.
  • All data are visualized in a modular and intuitive interface.

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