Inventory Management

An IT infrastructure is usually growing with time. Old components are replaced, new equipment is being purchased. Hence, an IT infrastructure is not a static entity. It is constantly changing. The administrative effort to keep control over equipment and existing service contracts is vital for providing a reliable IT service.

The centralized Inventory management solution of Gemmantics provides a fine-grained overview about

  • all computers and their components,
  • all components to provide network services,
  • the components necessary for power and cooling,
  • the exact location of every piece of equipment,
  • service contracts, and
  • software licenses (see also the Gemmantics License Management).

Know at every moment how many software licenses are running, when equipment will run out of service contract coverage, and the location of every hardware asset.

Benefits from the framework

  • Use inventory data for automatically choosing proper monitoring agents
  • Connect inventory with PC/cluster management and avoid over or under licensing of software packages
  • Automatically create tickets before service contracts expire

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