License Management

The Gemmantics License Management is part of the Inventory solution. Software licenses often represent a major part of the annual operational costs of an IT infrastructure. Hence, a fine-grained license management is required in order to avoid over and under licensing. This issue becomes troublesome as different software vendors use different licensing models or license managers. Therefore, the Gemmantics License Management provides a generally applicable solution providing

  • in-time and history reports on license usage,
  • mechanisms to avoid executing of unlicensed instances, and
  • monitor vital states of the applied vendor’s license managers.

Benefits from the framework

The license management can benefit from working with other Gemmantics modules:

  • combine with monitoring to automatically inform administrators about license shortages,
  • combine monitoring, PC/cluster management, resource management, with license management to block or suspend launches of under licensed software instances. Resume launch automatically as soon as a license is available,
  • connect inventory management to inform when service contracts do not cover the licenses anymore.

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