Maintain complex IT-Infrastructures

While IT-Infrastructures may vary significantly Gemmantics Hive provides an unified interfaces. This simplifies the handling enormous.

PC and Workstation Management

IT-Infrastructures consisting of PCs or workstations face challenges due to its heterogenous nature. The hardware as well as its software configuration may differ significantly from computer to computer. Gemmantics Hive has been designed to easily maintain and update such heterogenous infrastructures. Read more…

Cluster Management

Clusters, such as High-Performance Computing (HPC) or storage clusters, consists of a large number of identical computers. In order to manage such systems efficiently a cluster management approach should be chosen. Methods which are suitable for managing PCs or workstations will soon reach their limits if it comes to large cluster installations. Read more…

Cloud Management

Due to additional abstraction layers modern cloud infrastructures introduces new challenges for the management of services. Here, in particular, the different provisioning methods becomes cumbersome. Many different aspects have to be considered when planning, configuring, and maintaining clouds ranging from virtualization techniques to the deployment of web applications.

Unified software deployment

package2By design, the software deployment of Gemmantics Hive is independently of the nature of the underlying IT-infrastructure. Assign bundles to any part of the hierarchy of the IT-infrastructure, deploy with specialized network protocols independent of the chosen operating system.

  • Cross-platform software bundles
  • Support of different efficient network protocols
  • Separate static from dynamic content

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