PC Management

Modern PC management involves the combination of various separate processes such as

  • Client rollout and software deployment
  • Inventory management
  • Storage and network management
  • User and group management

With the Gemmantics PC Management solutions client management can be easily mastered.

Automatic Installation

The Gemmantics PC Management solution provides various ways of installing client systems fully automatically. Here, in particular, saving network bandwidth resources is a major issue. Our software minimizes the necessary network traffic to a minimum. The installation is

  • fully automatic
  • independent from the underlying hardware
  • easy to maintain
  • up-to-date: latest administrative modifications are included in the setup

Keep the system up-to-date

Managing a PC does not end with the initial installation.

  • Software has to be installed, updated, or removed.
  • Connect the PC clients to file servers independently of their operating systems.
  • User and group accounts have to be kept up-to-date.
  • Monitor the PC (vital signs, services)
  • Keep the inventory database up-to-date

All these daily operations can be managed using only few intuitive commands or drag-and-drop operations in the GUI.

Inventory Management

IT assets are dynamic as the applied equipment is constantly changing. With the Gemmantics PC Management solution inventory management becomes simple.

  • Manage hardware and its components,
  • Control software licenses,
  • Keep an eye on maintenance contracts.

Storage and network management

PCs are not standalone machines but are integrated into a complex network and storage topology. This topology is typically not static. Changes in the storage and network infrastructure has to be propagated to the PCs. The Gemmantics PC Management solution therefore provides all necessary features.

  • Flexible management of power, network, and storage topologies,
  • Manual or automatic setup due to support of standard protocols,
  • Cross-platform storage connection due to abstract storage layer,
  • Integrated monitoring.

User and group management

The IT landscape often requires the application of various PC systems. Often it is beneficial to provide a mixed set of operating systems. User and group management can be centralized to keep the complexity manageable. However, a cross-platform centralized user management is often connected with IT security issues. Hence,

  • a centralized user management framework which
  • supports UNIX authentication based Kerberos and secure LDAP (LDAPS)
  • and ActiveDirectory for Windows systems

are the basis of the Gemmantics PC Management solution.

Benefit from the framework

While the above mentioned operations in IT client management are often considered as separate processes all Gemmantics solutions are part of a complete framework. This allows combining data from different processes, for example:

  • Use network topology information to reduce network traffic during rollout and software deployment.
  • Connect monitoring events with inventory information to decrease down times.
  • Use inventory data to add license monitoring during software deployment.
  • All data are visualized in a modular and intuitive interface.

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