Increase Reliability, predict and avoid Problems

Gemmantics Hive has been designed to deliver IT-services with best reliability. Therefore, reliability aspects have been considered during the development process in all relevant layers:

  • based on well tested community driven S/PHI/nX project
  • developed and tested in our automatic testbed
  • bundles continuously tested
  • critical services configured with failover functionality


monitoringThe system management environment of Gemmantics Hive is shipped with an integrated monitoring subsystem. Thus, all relevant features of the IT-infrastructure will be monitored and analyzed automatically.

Our monitoring solution provides

  • multi-level monitoring
  • out-of-band monitoring
  • collectors, and
  • supports various network protocols.

Automatic Testbed

testbed2In order to avoid runtime problems of the IT-infrastructure we developed our modular test environment to test

  • operating system and software deployment,
  • service delivery, and
  • system overall consistency.

Failover Services

failover4All Gemmantics Hive Bundles representing vital services are configured to support failover functionality. These are, in particular,

  • Directory and authentication services,
  • Resource management,
  • Database and
  • Web services.

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