Resource Management

Manage cluster or PC resources efficiently with the Gemmantics resource management. Ensure

  • maximal usage of available hardware,
  • scalability of hardware or cloud instances,
  • optimize usage of software licenses,
  • use in-time and timeline monitoring data for decision making based upon facts, and
  • being cloud-ready.

With an increasing amount of components hardware failures have to be considered. As this assumption is already part of the concept behind a scalable resource management hardware problems have no or only minimal impact to the normal operations. If more compute power is necessary optionally cloud resources can be seamlessly integrated into existing workflows.

Benefits from the framework

  • In combination with the license management solution applications can be blocked or their launches can be postponed until a valid license can be obtained to avoid under licensing.
  • In combination with the cluster management the cluster resources can be used optimally. the cluster can be scaled such that it is constantly used.
  • Virtualization: incorporate an existing cluster with flexible cloud resources seamlessly.

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