Secure, scale, and optimize

With increasing number and variety of tasks the demands for hard- and software management becomes challenging. Hardware issues can be answered by adding more computers to the IT-infrastructure or adding more virtual machines to the cloud. However, at a critical size every infrastructure will encounter scaling and/or security issues.


The underlying software kernel of Gemmantics Hive is based on the high-performence library SxAccelerate in order to guarantee both low execution times and efficient network communication patterns. Due to our new network protocols the communication between even very large cluster installations requires only a minimum of communication traffic.

SxAccelerate Besides our efficient software implementation also the Gemmantics Hive Bundles have been developed with respect to best scaling behavior. Critical services, such as web or authentication services, support a load-balancing configuration. When a service exceeds a specific threshold a new service instance can be launched and added to the system.

  • high-performance C++ software kernel
  • network communications based on our highly-scaling network protocol
  • preconfigured critical services support load balancing.


securityThe more complex a system becomes the more challenging to keep the system secure. With every additional software component added to the infrastructure a potential security vulnerability can be introduced. The address this issue Gemmantics Hive focusses on security issues in any part of the IT stack

  • the underlying kernel is based on S/PHI/nX with its error-repellent debug mode
  • all network protocols with integrated validation
  • only authenticated communications are accepted
  • verified configurations due to automatic tests
  • update mechanism allows to keep software up-to-date
  • state-of-the-art user authentication

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