Single sign-on

The Gemmantics Single sign-on solution provides a secure, scalable, and cross-platform authentication of users and services. A user (or service) authenticates only ones (log in) and has full access to all relevant services. Such an approach becomes important in various cases, for example

  1. seamless integration of various operating systems such as Linux, MacOS X, or Windows,
  2. support of large number of clients, and
  3. increasing of IT security.

Security and Reliablity

The Single sign-on solution is based on Kerberos and LDAPS (secure LDAP). Kerberos increases the security enormous as it avoids sending passwords via network. LDAPS acts as a directory which provides the public user data. However, by applying LDAPS instead of LDAP only authorized clients / servers have access to the data.

All authentication services come with failover services to increase reliability.

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