Web Applications

GMany modern applications are delivered as web apps nowadays. With the introduction of HTML5 this trend will become even more pronounced. Web applications cover different fields ranging from
Cloud Apps with Gemmantics Hive

  • E-Mail backends
  • Collaborative tools (group ware, calendars, mailing lists)
  • Web storage and file shares
  • CMS (content management systems)
  • Web Blogs
  • Security backends (VPN Web login)

Fast and easy installation

Gemmantics Hive represents web applications is modular and self-contained Gemmantics Hive Bundles. These bundles can be installed on any supported operating systems as simple as any other bundle. The bundles deploy the required software fully automatically, configures and secures the system, and launches the corresponding services. Even complex web applications can be deployed within seconds or minutes with minimum user interaction. Although the Gemmantics Hive Bundles screen the user from the complex details of the web application deployment issues it still allows full control over every individual setting if required.

  • Fast initial setup
  • Cross-platform support
  • Service deployment in seconds or minutes
  • Fully configurable

Integrated Backup and Restore

ReinstallOur web application bundles are shipped with integrated backup and restore functionality. The underlying backup and restore engine is constructed on modular backup units (such as backup of individual databases or virtual web hosts). Therefore, every new web application can be constructed based on these fundamental functions. Due to the specialization of each backup unit challenging backup issues about consistency or cache flushing are automatically handled. Our backup data are encrypted before written to the disks. This allows storing the backup data also on remote public cloud storage services without compromising safety.

  • ¬†Consistent backup and restore handling
  • Fully functional
  • Cross-platform backup data
  • Backup data are always encrypted

Benefit from the framework

framework2Conventionally web applications are often considered as separate processes. Gemmantics Hive combines the unique building blocks of all web applications.

  • Create hierarchies of web services
  • Reuse functionality across building blocks (e.g. backup and restore)
  • Simplify cross-platform support

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